The Best Salad Spinners for Great-Tasting Produce

A healthy diet is not complete without salads. This dish packed with vegetables and wholesome dressings has lots of health benefits to offer—salads are filled with nutritious fats and proteins to rid it of dangerous bacteria that thrives on food like E. Coli and salmonella. One good way to ensure the best results is to use a meat thermometer on the food you’re cooking. The meat thermometer is a handy device used by chefs to prevent undercooking various meats. Know more about this kitchen necessity by reading the rest of this guide.

Buyers Guide

  1. What does a salad spinner do exactly?

    Answer: The salad spinner it a kitchen device which rinses and tosses leafy greens in a rotating motion to get rid of excess water left after washing the vegetables. Salad spinners are also pretty versatile since you can use it on other food items like fruits, beans and boiled spaghetti or pasta.

  2. What are the different types of salad spinners?

    Answer:Salad spinners come in three common types—the pump-operated salad spinner, the pull-string type and the manual salad spinner. Pump-operated salad spinners are easy to use since all users need to do is push a button down to begin the spinning motions. To use a pull-string spinner, you need to pull the device’s string to make the device work. Manual salad spinners on the other hand include a tiny handle that users need to turn to set fort the spinning motions of the device.

  3. What factors should I consider when choosing a good salad spinner?

    Answer: First, you need to decide on the capacity of the salad spinner. Do you want to make salads for yourself or for several people? The size of the salad spinner will depend on the amount of servings you plan on making. Next, you need to settle on the spinning mechanism of the device—the salad spinner should work fast, consistent and capable of doing its job without hitches. The best salad spinners also feature tight-fitting lids so the greens will stay in place during the spinning process. If you want, opt or salad spinners with a locking lid too. The salad spinner should be made from BPA-free, food-grade material. If you want convenience, you can choose a salad spinner that can serve as a serving bowl too. Lastly, look for ones that are easy to use for faster, effortless results.

Our Top Picks


OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner

  • One-handed operation
  • Has patented pump mechanism
  • Includes brake button
  • Comes with soft, non-slip lockable knob

The OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner has a capacity of 6.22 quarts—this means this can hold enough greens for a few people. It is made from durable BPA-free material and features components that will make rinsing away excess water easier for users—the spinner includes a patented pump mechanism that dries veg fast and it includes a built-in brake button too so users can stop the device from spinning as soon as the vegetables are quite dry. To keep the spinner in place during operations, it is fashioned with a non-slip base too.


Cuisinart Salad Spinner

  • Easy to use
  • Add and drain water easily
  • Locks securely
  • Includes non-slip base

The Cuisinart Salad Spinner will help you produce perfect salads without the sogginess. The device capably rids leafy greens, fruits and other types of vegetables of excess water. It is designed with a spinning knob that works seamlessly for faster procedures. The spinner also includes an opening on top so users can easily add and drain water without taking away the lid. No more worries about greens flying all over your kitchen since this one locks securely to contain the veg while spinning. This model features a 5-quart capacity and has a transparent base too which functions as a serving bowl.


Westmark Germany Vegetable and Salad Spinner

  • Made with high-quality polypropylene
  • Dependable spinning mechanism
  • Easy to use
  • Has ergonomic handle

One of the best things about the Westmark Germany Vegetable and Salad Spinner is that it’s dishwasher-friendly, thus making it a breeze to clean. It is made from high-quality polypropylene material and features a strong built that can withstand many uses. The spinner allows faster drying processes thanks to its Easy-Spin mechanism and ergonomic handle. The basket of the salad spinner is removable too and it can function as a colander. The pouring spout is another plus since it can be employed for serving the salad.


Farberware Easy to use pro Pump Spinner

  • Has 6.65-quart capacity
  • One-handed operation
  • Comes with soft, non-slip base
  • Multipurpose salad spinner

The Farberware Easy to use pro Pump Spinner assures that your salad greens will get dry in no time. It’s not only for vegetables but for fruits and other sorts of produce as well. This one is very easy to use since it’s a one-handed operating device—just place your salad veg or fruit in the basket inside the bowl, cover the lid and utilize the spinner’s soft-touch mechanism to get rid of your greens’ excess water. You can also wash your veg straight in the same bowl. Worried about the spinner slipping during operations? It will stay in position because of its reliable non-slip base too.


ZYLISS Easy Spin Salad Spinner
  • Comes with brake button
  • Includes non-slip base
  • Has ergonomic handle
  • Provides 4-6 salad servings

The ZYLISS Easy Spin Salad Spinner features a one-press brake button which allows the device to spin continuously to dry your salad veg fast. To stop operations, users only need to push its brake button. The braking motion also helps in fluffing up your greens for the freshest and tastiest-looking salads. It has an ergonomic handle for better handling and its non-slip base also allows the spinner to stay in place during use. Remaining salad greens will be kept fresh too thanks to its secure lock button.


Gourmia GSA9240 Jumbo Salad Spinner

  • Has convenient rotary handle
  • Bigger bowl
  • BPA-free material
  • Features ergonomic design

If you want a manual salad spinner with a bigger serving capacity, you cannot go wrong with the Gourmia GSA9240 Jumbo Salad Spinner. The device works in a speedy manner to provide fresh veg without the excess water for flavorful salads free from sogginess. It has a reliable crank-style rotary handle that allows users to turn the greens and remove excessive H2O. The spinner also comes with a bigger bowl made from BPA-free, dishwasher-safe material. The built-in drain removes water from the bowl as well while its non-slip base makes for extra stability during use.

If you are fond of salads and delicious dishes rife with the freshest produce, the salad spinner is a necessity. Salad spinners are very effective in taking away left-over water so the greens’ flavors are retained and sogginess won’t be an issue. For the best salads in the block, always make sure to have the best spinner on hand. Make our list your ready reference in finding a good salad spinner.