Our Favorite Cutting Boards

The cutting board is one of the basic tools needed in every kitchen. It is used mainly for food prep, but there are specific cutting board types which also serve other purposes. There are lots of options out there so choosing a good one can be a bit of a challenge. Let us make buying decisions easier for you by reading our guide and snappy reviews.

Buyers Guide

  1. How many cutting boards do you really need?

    Answer: Using only one cutting board for all food ingredients is not actually advisable. This is due to the risks of cross-contamination. That is why having several cutting boards on hand, each board used for a specific group of foods only, is always advised. The number of cutting boards you require will be based on how regularly you cook. In general, it is best that you have three boards on hand—two large ones for meat and fruit/vegetables and a smaller board for chopping/mincing herbs and preparing garnishes.

  2. How do you maintain cutting boards?

    Answer: For wooden boards, you can maintain its quality by applying food-grade mineral oil on all of its sides to prevent water from penetrating and warping the wood. Dry the board standing up. To retain the smoothness of plastic cutting boards, you can use a steel scouring pad on loose plastic fragments on the surface of the board. Bamboo boards will also benefit from regular application of food-grade mineral oil to preserve its integrity. Composite cutting boards are the most durable and resistant against wear and tear, however if you notice odors coming from the board once it gets wet, it is time to replace the old board with a new one.

  3. Are there other uses for cutting boards?

    Answer: Many cooking enthusiasts are fond of getting the best, rustic wooden cutting boards because of its elegance and beautiful craftmanship. These wood cutting boards are also used as a charcuterie or cheese tray. The bigger ones can serve as a tray for loaves of bread. Reversible boards serve the same purpose too—the food prep part of the board works best in the kitchen while its ornamented part is best for serving appetizers or hors d’oeuvres.

Our Top Picks


OXO 1063791 Good Grips Prep Cutting Board

  • High-quality, durable polypropylene
  • Non-slip edges
  • Tapered, soft handles
  • Non-porous and odor-resistant

Whatever food preparation method you do on the Good Grips Prep Cutting Board, the board will serve you well. Chop, mash and mince away and it will never slip off of your hands—the board has reliable non-slip edges plus comfortable tapered handles for ease of prep work. This board comes in 3 sizes and they all feature juice grooves on a specific side to gather liquids. It is made from quality durable polypropylene that’s resistant against odors and scratches plus it’s non-porous too. For hassle-free cleanups, you can toss the cutting board into the dishwasher.


Totally Bamboo Kauai Bamboo Serving & Cutting Board

  • Natural bamboo material
  • Easy to maintain
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Less prone to bacteria contamination

The Totally Bamboo Kauai Bamboo Serving & Cutting Board is not only for food prep, it will also allow you to serve specific foods in style. This is an eco-friendly option too since bamboo is a sustainable and renewable material. If you are on the lookout for a cutting board that is stable, has sufficient heft yet still light enough to use during food prep, then this choice is highly recommended for you. It does need specific maintenance like wooden boards but once maintained well, will last loads of use.


Dexas Heavy Duty Grippmat Flexible Cutting Board (Set of Four)

  • 4-board set
  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Non-slip backing grips
  • Non-porous and non-absorbent

The Dexas Heavy Duty Grippmat Flexible Cutting Board is your one-stop pack of cutting boards—the set includes 4 cutting boards in different colors from blue, green, red and yellow. You can use each board for a specific food to prevent cross-contamination. The material is quite flexible, light, non-porous and non-absorbent yet durable in its own right. They are also BPA-free and dishwasher-safe. You can also fold and roll the boards to dispense the prepared ingredients into their respective bowls or pans.


Teakhaus by Proteak Edge Grain Carving Board

  • Durable wood material
  • Edge grain chopping board
  • Sustainably-sourced
  • FSC-certified

The Teakhaus by Proteak Edge Grain Carving Board is one heavy-duty chopping block, one that will be able to withstand years and years of food prep if maintained properly. Teakwood is a type of wood with oily qualities thus it is perfectly capable of preventing water from penetrating into the wood, thereby extending the quality of the block. Because this is a bigger board, you will have lots of room for chopping, mincing and the like. Another advantage of quality wooden boards is that they tend to self-heal and can close eventually—to help preserve them, it’s best that this board is coated in food-grade mineral oil every so often.


John Boos WAL-R02 Reversible Cutting Board

  • Solid American black walnut wood
  • Reversible chopping block
  • Sustainably-sourced wood material
  • Made in the U.S.A

For those who want an aesthetically-pleasing chopping block, the John Boos WAL-R02 Reversible Cutting Board is a good suggestion. This is also a great option for folks who want a versatile chopping board—this being a reversible board, it can function well in the kitchen and also serve as a nice tray for bread, cheese, cocktail snacks or hors d’oeuvres. Each side of the board has its difference—one comes with juice grooves for catching liquids while the other one is completely flat, which makes for a nice tray.


Progressive PCB-1812 Prep Solutions Cutting Board

  • Versatile design
  • Durable polypropylene
  • Includes juice grooves
  • Dishwasher-safe

The Progressive PCB-1812 Prep Solutions Cutting Board is an affordable recommendation. It features a textured surface which allowed food to adhere on the board sufficiently and prevent things from slipping all over. The underside of the board had a nice grip too and it did not slide once used. Cutting boards made from plastic are one of the easiest to clean and maintain. Get this one in case you want something that won’t require special care but still safe enough to use—it’s dishwasher-safe and it will not take in any odors.

Make food preparation simpler by investing only in the best kitchen cutting boards. The best ones allow for safer handling of food—prevent slippage and food contamination. You can also opt for versatile cutting boards that can function as decorative trays too.