Get the Cleanest Produce with the Best Vegetable Brushes

Who wants to eat dirty produce? No one, of course. That is why cleaning them before food prep is very important—you have no idea what type of microbes and contaminants that might be present on your carrots and tomatoes. Regardless of whether you grow the veg yourself, buy them organic or not, you still need to do this task—the FDA requires you to do so. Washing your produce under running water is not enough though—to rid veg thoroughly of dirt, you need a vegetable brush for it. Check out the benefits of using one by reading our helpful guide.

Buyers Guide

  1. Why do you need to use a vegetable brush?

    Answer: Fresh produce, whether they’re organic or not, might still harbor pesticides. Even organic ones may still have them although on a lower level. The function of a vegetable brush is to scrub dirt and mud off of produce effectively, ridding them of possible microbes, pesticides and other contaminants. Vegetable brushes also allow efficient cleanups of waxed fruits and vegetables.

  2. What vegetable brush is suitable for softer fruits and vegetables?

    Answer: You need to check the bristles of the vegetable brush first before using them on specific produce. Fruits and vegetables with softer skins require vegetable brushes with natural fibers or soft, nylon plastic bristles. For firmer produce like root vegetables, use a vegetable brush with stiff bristles.

  3. What factors should I consider when choosing the best vegetable brush?

    Answer: First, you need to check the bristles of the brush—make sure the brush is well-made and include high-quality bristles. The bristles should not be too stiff nor too soft plus they should be fastened on the brush securely. You should also consider the size of the brush—make sure that the brush fits your hand comfortably for better, more efficient cleanups.

Our Top Picks


OXO Good Grips Vegetable Brush

  • Measurers 4.9 x 3.38 x 2.4 inches
  • Has nylon bristles
  • With non-slip grip
  • Dishwasher-safe brush

The OXO Good Grips Vegetable Brush guarantees all dirt and mud will be scrubbed off thoroughly from your vegetables and fruits. This is a good brush to use on carrots, potatoes, broccoli, beets and more. Regardless of the surface, its high-quality nylon bristles will work through all that dirt in order to remove it. This one is very comfortable to use thanks to its non-slip grip and hand-friendly design. Easy to clean as well being a dishwasher-friendly brush.


Full Circle The Ring Fruit and Vegetable 2 in 1 Mushroom Cleaning Brush

  • Measures 6 x 6 x 6 inches
  • Suitable for all vegetables
  • Has comfortable handle
  • With eco-friendly bamboo and recycled plastic

The Full Circle The Ring Fruit and Vegetable 2 in 1 Mushroom Cleaning Brush is an environment-friendly option made from bamboo and recycled plastic bristles. This one features a handle that is friendly on the hand for comfortable, efficient and thorough cleanups of fresh produce. The combination of gentle bamboo plant fibers and plastic recycled plastic as bristles also make for a brush that is ideal for all sorts of fruits and vegetables. Needs to be washed with warm, soapy water for maintenance.


Sommelier 50753 Joie Spud Dude Potato Vegetable Brush

  • Made from durable plastic
  • With high-quality nylon bristles
  • Ideal for firm vegetables
  • Easy to use

Are you the type who loves collecting kitchen tools with novelty designs? You may want to add this neat vegetable brush. The Sommelier 50753 Joie Spud Dude Potato Vegetable Brush is not only a pleasant-looking brush that will add some whimsy in the kitchen, its quality nylon bristles also efficiently removes all traces of dirt and mud off firm vegetables from potatoes, carrots, beets down to yams. The brush is also made up of durable plastic. It is very easy to use and clean up—you only need to rinse the brush clean following every use and air-dry.


Chef’n PalmBrush Vegetable Brush

  • Handheld ergonomic design
  • With high-quality nylon bristles
  • Ideal for arthritic hands
  • Top rack dishwasher-safe

The Chef’n PalmBrush Vegetable Brush is a good choice for those suffering from arthritis—the brush features an ergonomic design which gives a good fit so cleaning veg and fruit will not be an uncomfortable experience. The brush comes with a finger holder to keep the hand steady at all times during the cleaning process. The brush includes high-quality nylon bristles which was shaped to conform with the curves of fresh produce for a thorough clean. The brush is also a breeze to clean up since it’s top rack dishwasher-safe.


Cuisipro Flexible Vegetable Brush

  • Has innovative 3-section design
  • Flexible vegetable brush
  • With stiff bristles
  • Ergonomic handle

The Cuisipro Flexible Vegetable Brush will make ridding your root veg of dirt and mud easy as pie thanks to its effective 3-seciton design. This design flexes moderately in the hand for a more comfortable, ergonomic grip. The brush also blends to accommodate different fruit and veg forms. The stiff bristles of the brush also make it a good brush for working on fruits and vegetables with firmer skins and bodies. Very easy to clean since it’s a top rack dishwasher-safe.


Kamenoko Tawashi Vegetable Scrub Brush

  • Measures 4.4 x 3.3 x 2 inches
  • Made with hemp palm fiber
  • Great for root vegetables
  • Originated from Japan

The Kamenoko Tawashi Vegetable Scrub Brush is a regular cleaning tool used in Japan, made from durable hemp palm fibers. A reliable piece used to clean a good deal of kitchen equipment and even home fixtures like tubs, this one is also great for tackling dirty root vegetables. It is the same size as the hand so it’s comfortable to hold and you have better control of the cleanup. If your produce needs some heavy-duty scrubbing, this is a good piece to use.

Fruits and vegetables are healthy, delicious and you need them for a wholesome, balanced diet. However, it is best that you prepare them carefully before adding them into your dishes. Fruits and vegetables need to be cleaned meticulously before preparation. To thoroughly remove all dirt, grime, mud and pesticides, make sure to use a quality vegetable brush on your produce.