Flavorful Pizzas are Yours: Use the Best Pizza Stones

Pizza is not only celebrated in its country of origin but in other parts of the world as well. The blend of cheeses, bread, tomato sauce, meats and vegetables is a tasty fusion of flavors and textures. Now if you want to serve restaurant-level pizza at home, you can achieve this using a pizza stone. Created by Pat Bruno, chef and food critic, the pizza stone has been praised for its unique capability to churn out pizzas with memorable texture and flavor. Picking the best pizza stone can be a challenge though so make decisions easier by checking out our favorites.

Buyers Guide

  1. What does a pizza stone do?

    Answer: The pizza stone is a baking device used to bake pizza or bread inside ovens. It is typically made from stone or ceramic materials.

  2. How do you use a pizza stone correctly?

    Answer: Before using a pizza stone, you need to preheat it so it will work properly. Place the stone inside the oven and preheat up to 500-degrees F. Once the stone is heated through, you can now put the uncooked pizza on the stone.

  3. How do you clean and maintain a pizza stone?

    Answer: The pizza stone is already porous so there’s no need to use dish soap or any cleaning agent on it—the soap will only get absorbed by the stone. Just make use of plain water, a soft cloth or brush and baking soda on it. Pour a bit of baking soda on the cooking surface of the stone then scrub the surface using gentle strokes. Remember not to douse the pizza stone with water when it’s still hot since this can lead to cracking and breakage—pizza stones are susceptible to thermal shock.

Our Top Picks


CastElegance Pizza Stone

  • With strong Thermarite material
  • Offers excellent heat retention
  • Can transfer heat evenly
  • Food-safe pizza stone

The CastElegance Pizza Stone will make creating pizzas a very satisfying experience. The stone is made from high-quality and durable Thermarite material. This type of material absorbs moisture successfully compared to other pizza stone materials. Thermarite also brings better heat retention—all heat gathered during the baking process will be distributed evenly throughout the pizza. This means there won’t be any cold spots on your pizza. It can also tolerate higher temps—this one can withstand up to 2000-degrees F high heat.


Honey-Can-Do Old Stone Oven Rectangular Pizza Stone

  • Takes in heat evenly
  • Brings uniform heat distribution
  • Durable and strong clay material
  • Lead-free pizza stone

The Honey-Can-Do Old Stone Oven Rectangular Pizza Stone will make each pizza-making session a smashing success due to its effective design. This stone comes with a special Heat Core component which allows even heating all over—this means no more soggy pizzas or low-quality ones with cold spots. The pizza you will get out of this has a tasty flavor and presents a nice, crunchy and chewy texture. This one is also safe to use being a lead-free pizza stone. Also made from sturdy and durable clay material that will not crack nor split easily.


Heritage Black Ceramic Pizza Stone Pan

  • Offers fast preheating
  • Odorless and safe pizza stone
  • Strong and durable material
  • Free from lead and cadmium

The Heritage Black Ceramic Pizza Stone Pan is actually a set comprised of the stone and a matching pizza cutter wheel. This stone was designed to heat up two times faster compared to other pizza stones. The faster and even heating results into pizzas with excellent crispy textures and a smoky flavor which further stimulates taste buds. It is made from durable and strong, stain-resistant material too that is free from harmful elements like cadmium and lead. It will not emit smoke as well during baking so your kitchen remains an odor-free zone.


Hans Grill Pizza Stone for Oven and Grill

  • Suitable for oven and grill cooking
  • Can produce large family size pizzas
  • Provides even cooking
  • Great for other foods

The Hans Grill Pizza Stone for Oven and Grill is quite versatile since it can be used on different cooking devices. Due to its dual-purpose built, it can accommodate the creation of other foods apart from pizza like artisanal breads and rolls, flatbreads, cookies, pies and other snacks. The stone assures faster baking of food whether grill or oven. It is also safe to use since this one was equipped with a longer wooden handle.


AUGOSTA Pizza Stone for Oven and Grill

  • 100% all-natural FDA-safe cordierite stone
  • With great thermal resistance
  • Heat-safe up to 1112 degrees F
  • Includes free pizza peel board

The AUGOSTA Pizza Stone for Oven and Grill is another versatile find. The stone is composed of 100 percent all-natural and FDA-safe cordierite stone. Being made from such a material means zero odors and excellent heat distribution for perfect pizzas. It can be used to bake fresh and frozen pizzas plus it also makes for a nice cooking surface for cookies, breads and other specific baked goodies. Very easy to clean as well—just run the stone under warm water once it has cooled down and scrub with a brush.


Solido Pizza Stone

  • Has wide baking surface
  • Comes with exclusive heat spiral
  • Works for both oven and grill
  • Durable and sturdy material

The Solido Pizza Stone features a spacious cooking area so it can accommodate bigger pizzas and rows of baked goodies. This one is made for both grill and oven use so you can employ the stone for making other snacks and treats apart from pizza. It is made up of natural cordierite material which has excellent thickness, presents even heat distribution and the best thermal shock resistance. The stone also includes a heat spiral—this is a component which was integrated on the bottom of the stone to conduct heat in the stone’s center for uniform baking.

We will never get tired of pizza and making them at home is twice the fun and flavor if you use a pizza stone. Pizza stones are ingenious baking devices which makes creating these snacks a simpler feat. It also gives the best pizza results—intense flavors and impeccable crispy and chewy textures are had when you pair your pizza with this stone.