Make Melty, Cheesy Goodness with the Best Fondue Pots

During the Me Decade, the presence of the fondue pot was felt in lots of parties. Many enjoyed dunking bread cubes and meat in that delicious pot of melted, savory cheese. We also think it’s time for this nifty cooking device. The fondue pot is actually a great conversation starter—people are huddled next to each other with their fondue forks, all vying for a dunk in the pot—thus, the course of action begins with some small talk about the scrumptiousness of the cheese fondue. Try the fondue pot experience with some of our choice selections.

Buyers Guide

  1. Where does fondue come from?

    Answer: Fondue is actually a Swiss dish—the dish was first made in the country. It is a type of communal dish which was warmed on top of a small burner. Fondue can be cheese or chocolate—the stuff is melted partially and functions as a dip for small hunks of food like bread, meat, vegetables or fruit. People usually take turns dunking their preferred foods into the fondue pot.

  2. What are the different types of fondue?

    Answer: The most common kinds of fondue are cheese and chocolate. Savory fondues go well with foods like crusty bread, meatballs, small steak chunks, ham, cured meats and vegetables like carrots, bell peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, potatoes plus tart fruits like pears and apples. Foods that go with chocolate fondue include sweet ones like fruits both fresh and dried, shortbread cookies, angel food cake, graham crackers, wafers, marshmallows and pretzels.

  3. What makes the best fondue pot?

    Answer: The best fondue pot is a pot that durable, easy to use and safe. The pot should be able to accommodate the number of people that you plan to entertain. Since cheese fondue requires constant heating, the best fondue pot for this dish are ceramic models with a flat and wide bottom. Thicker pots are great for making chocolate fondue. For fondue recipes that include bits of meat, look for models that can tolerate very high temperatures like stainless steel units.

Our Top Picks


Cuisinart CFO-3SS Electric Fondue Maker

  • With stainless steel bowl
  • Has non-stick interior
  • Features removable temperature control
  • Free from BPA

The Cuisinart CFO-3SS Electric Fondue Maker is a model that is great for all types of fondue recipes, whether cheese or chocolate-based. It features essentials which makes fondue-making easy like a temperature probe, a reliable base, fondue forks and a fork rack. Food will not stick on the bowl as well due to the non-stick coating. The bowl heats very well and adjustments for temperature can also be done through temperature control. It is also one of the best-looking fondue pots around.


Nostalgia FPS200 Electric Fondue Pot

  • Produces up to 3 lbs. of fondue
  • Great party fondue pot
  • With set-up for sauces and dipping broths
  • Includes temperature control

The Nostalgia FPS200 Electric Fondue Pot has extras on its sleeves like a set-up for creating sauces and dipping broths—go ahead and make your favorite sauces and dips using this pot whether buffalo sauce, ranch or barbecue. Due to its bigger capacity, this one is the best fondue pot for parties—it can serve up to 3 pounds of delicious party-ready fondue. The pot also comes with a very convenient temperature control so you will not end up burning your fondue. For extra-safety, this one has Cool-Touch handles.


Oster Titanium Infused DuraCeramic Fondue Pot

  • Offers 3-quart capacity
  • With DuraCeramic non-stick coating
  • Has removable and adjustable temperature control
  • Free from PTFE and PFOA elements

The Oster Titanium Infused DuraCeramic Fondue Pot will make creating your choice fondue recipes a breeze, and a very safe one, at that—this one does not have materials that harbor PTFE and PFOA. The fondue pot is also durable and can endure higher temperatures for quicker fondue cooking. This is a set which includes fondue party essentials like 8 forks and a fork holder ring. The pot also features DuraCeramic coating inside so food and odors will not stick on it. Other safety features worth mentioning include adjustable and removable temperature control and magnetic breakaway cable.


NutriChef PKFNMK23 Countertop Set Cooker Fondue Melting Pot

  • Great for serving larger groups
  • Includes Cool-Touch handles
  • Has adjustable rotary temperature control
  • Non-stick and heat-resistant

The NutriChef PKFNMK23 Countertop Set Cooker Fondue Melting Pot is capable of tolerating high heat in order to melt cheeses and chocolates faster. It can also handle meat so it’s a good choice for people who love to try out a wide array of fondue recipes. The fondue pot was also built not to burn your fondue due to its adjustable rotary temperature control. It is also easy to clean since the set-up includes a removable Teflon bowl and has non-stick interiors. The Cool-Touch handles meanwhile makes the whole activity safer.


Swissmar Lugano 9-Piece Cheese Fondue Set

  • Has enameled cast iron pot
  • Includes paste burner
  • Comes with fondue forks
  • Safe for stovetop

The Swissmar Lugano 9-Piece Cheese Fondue Set has a seamless traditional look which achieves the whole spirit of an authentic fondue-making experience. The pot’s design was derived from the original look of fondue cooking bowls. The pot is made from sturdy, hardwearing cast iron material with a beautiful enamel finish. It can retain heat efficiently and it’s safe to use directly on stovetop as well. This is a set that already comes with fondue-making essentials like fondue forks.


Artestia Electric,Stainless Steel Fondue Pot Set

  • Made from 304 food-grade stainless steel
  • Comes with two fondue pots
  • Has removable 1000ml ceramic pot
  • Easy to clean

The Artestia Electric,Stainless Steel Fondue Pot Set might not be the traditional type but it still allows you to create delicious fondue recipes. This 1500W model offers the best heat control so you can maintain the melting level of the cheese without getting it burnt. It also allows users to make adjustments on the temperature. Being a set, this one comes with two fondue pots—a stainless steel outer pot and a removable ceramic inner pot plus 8 stainless steel forks. It is a snap to clean as well due to the dishwasher-safe pots and forks.

Create a different type of party for friends and family—why not throw a fondue night party like they did in the old days? Our list of the best fondue pots in the business will make choosing a good one an easier task.